SMC TL90 Evolve AU

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SMC TL90 Evolve

This new model offers all the functionality of the current market leading TL90 but is more efficient - delivering greater value with:

A new compact design

Longer run time

Three lamp head options

It can be fitted with the standard four LED head, the ground-breaking Halo lamp head or a six LED head, SMC's brightest mobile lighting tower. The new design of the TL90 Evolve allows easier access for servicing and a shorter body for ease of transport. Mounted on an approved fast tow road trailer complete with road lights, it is just 960kg fully fuelled. The tower is also super silent at just 60dB(A) from 7m.

185 hours
uninterrupted run time
216,000 lumens
light output from TL90 Evolve+
lamp head options
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